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Carve Icon

Carve Icon


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The Carve Icon sunglasses are not only particularly fashionable but also kept simple in two great colours for everyday wear

If ever there was a brand that carved its own path to become a leader in functional and affordable eyewear that looks good, it’s Carve Eyewear. Carve eyewear brand is built around the surf and snow lifestyle.

Carve sunglasses and eyewear is recognised for its quality and style. Carve targets individuals who value quality, design, function, and styling – all at a price that won’t buckle the bank account.

With everything from sporty frames for an action packed day outside, to aviator style sunglasses, the Carve sunglass collection offers something for everyone that needs to get out, glare-free. With such diversity in styles and finishes, you can find a super stylish pair to suit you and your look.

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Matte Black, Matte Tort

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