RIDE DVA 19/20


Like a true diva, the 2019 Ride DVA settles for nothing but the best. Luxurious comfort, quality construction, and unbeatable style all in one versatile high performance package, but without the nonsense and meltdowns you’d expect from a diva of this calibre.

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Flex: 5/10 – Mid

Board Compatibility:

Compatible with all 2×4 and channel system boards.

Base Plate: Aluminium Edge Chassis System

A lightweight, 100% aluminium chassis with an adjustable heelcup and lifetime warranty.

High Back: Slimeback Highback

A soft flexing highback injected with urethane to dampen chatter and smooth out your ride.

Buckles: Astroglyde LT Aluminum Ratchets

These ratchet levers work as good as they look and are built with a cored out design that gives a lightweight feel without compromising on strength.

Straps: Freestyle Ankle Strap + ThinGrip Plus Toe Strap

The Freestyle Ankle Strap is a comfortable strap that locks you down but don’t hold you back, and is combined with the ThinGrip Plus Toe Strap which features a lightweight, over-moulded rubber web for super snug boot hold.

Cushioning: Wedgie Footbed

This ultra-light footbed uses subtle angles to realign the knees and ankles for a more natural stance, resulting in less joint stress and fatigue.

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