Rome W Madison Boss Binding 20/21


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Rome W Madison Boss Binding

The crowned princess of smooth flexing, powerful riding

A staple in our women’s binding line, the Madison Boss is the go-to for riders who want a sturdy and reliable binding. Built on our UnderWrap.2 heel hoop and backed up by the Contour Boss Ankle Strap, the Madison Boss is calling the shots and taking names.

Key Tech

UnderWrap.2 Heel Hoop: Bombproof stability with four points of connection

Madison Highback: Responsive and smooth flexing

Contour Boss Ankle Strap: Soft and supportive

Conform Grip 2.0 Toe Strap: Overmolded elastic strap for maximum hold and slip-free grip

Customization Tech

Full highback rotation with channel adjust

Tool-free highback forward lean adjuster


Flex: 6/10


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Floral, White Rosegold