Rome W Shift Binding 20/21


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Rome W Shift Binding

Smooth flexing progression for all!

The Shift is our tried and true all plastic option for riders who want a dependable, smooth flexing binding. Equipped with highback rotation and multiple strap location options, the Shift provides plenty of customization options for riders of all ability levels. Connected comfort is the name of the game with snug responsive ankle straps and foolproof toe straps.

Key Tech:

Shift Highback: Lightweight, supportive and smooth flexing

Contour Ankle Strap: Soft, comfortable and durable

Minimist Toe Strap: Sleek, minimal, one-piece design for snug boot hold

Unibody Baseplate: Now made with nylon for durable, simple and reliable riding performance

Customization Tech

Full highback rotation with channel adjust

Tool-free highback forward lean adjuster


Flex: 5/10

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