BOLLE Nevada Neo 22/23


The first magnetic goggle in Bollé®’s range, NEVADA NEO, encompasses all the technical features available on NEVADA with an extra asset: a magnetic lens locked whatever the action thanks to Bollé® EyeLatch. Unlike other magnetic goggles on the market, the EyeLatch makes sure the lens stays put no matter the intensity of the run. NEVADA NEO is available with Phantom and Phantom+ photochromic lens.

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100% UV protection
Photochromic lens
Optical clarity
Platinum Anti-fog
High-impact resistance
High performance polarization

Searching for a competitive advantage, superior protection, or extraordinary visual experience? We thought so. That’s why we created Phantom, Bollé’s first photochromic lens with phenomenal optical clarity. It adapts to any light condition, ensuring precise visual acuity whatever the weather. The lens tint changes with the light from cat.1 to cat.3. Enhanced vision whatever the conditions. Available on some models only.

To see colours like never before, you need to test colours like never before. Which is why Bolle used artificial intelligence to evaluate over 4 million colour enhancement possibilities. In the end, only one formulation provided an incomparable colour experience and it is so unique, it is patented. It’s called Volt and it now establishes a whole new standard for high contrast lenses. Available on some models only.

Our Eyelatch security system is a specificaly engineered mechanism that locks the lens of your goggle in place on the frame. Combined with strong and strategicaly disposed magnets, it makes sure your lens is easy to change even with gloves on but won’t come loose no matter how hard you fall.

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