DRAKE Reload Binding 22/23


The Drake Reload is the freestyle binding for the masses. It’s had a brand-new revamp this season making it feel and look even better than before. The new ‘change up strap’ made from injected TPU allows the user to really dial in their ride, the straps can be inverted offering support in preferred areas. The stylish new shovel highback is an evolution on the existing spade hiback with a priority set on comfort and tweekability. The binding is solid but light thanks to the tooless Light Saber baseplate and magnesium MG12 buckles. A sweet deal for a durable binding like this one.

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– Light Saber Baseplate – With reduced contact points you get a better feeling ride while reducing the weight. The heelcup is totally toolless with 3 different adjustable positions. You can also adjust the highback independently from the ankle straps, resulting in 13 different customisable combinations to suit your riding style
– Natural cant evo – New toolless design featuring the low density cushioning of the Rebound heel absorber to reduce vibrations
– Spade Highback – Designed for womens biological make-up, this highback is constructed with a shorter, rounded top for extra support and the best possible fit, excellent flex and reactivity with a feminine design touch
– GT Ankle Strap – this slim and contoured ankle strap is built with high quality leather and multi-density foam for full ergonomic comfort and support
– Toe Glove Toe Strap – This urethane strap ensures the perfect fit over the toe of the boot. Two flexible wings go over the toe, attaching the strap and the boot in one piece, keeping them secure in the binding
– Mg12 Buckles – Quick and efficient, these buckles slide 5 ladder steps every crank. Magnesium has reduced the weight by 25% and added even more precision with the new metal button release
– Heavy Duty Material – delivers outstanding performance, high mechanical strength, and fatigue endurance
– Bond Toolless – Improving security and strength, screws are directly injected into both the ratchet and ankle strap ensuring your straps remain where they should be whilst hiking in the pow or hitting up some park laps
– Discs: Classic
– Flex: Medium

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