DRAKE Supersport Binding 22/23


The Drake SuperSport is Drake’s all-round all-mountain binding. The Light Saber baseplate is a system which allows you to lock and secure the base to the heelcup by having three anchor points. This keeps the heelcup stable and safe. The Eazy Entry system will make sure you’ll get in fast. It is not without reason that this is a team favourite. A medium stiff binding with a touch of freestyle suitable for every rider out there.

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The Biomap Composite Carbon highback is an asymmetrical Drake highback, designed to stabilise your leg in your binding for maximum power transfer. The carbon in the highback ensures maximum responsiveness and turns at speed.
The Light Sabre Baseplate is all about making the lightest possible baseplate. The contact points of this baseplate are limited to a minimum so as not only to give a lighter feeling but also to actually be lighter. The heelcup positioning is toolless with two levers that are situated on the baseplate.
Baseplate: Light Saber
Heelcup: Light Saber
Highback: Asymmetrical Biomap Composite Carbon Highback
There is a Grandmaster Strap on this binding, this is the most luxury Drake strap. The strap is designed to have the best transmission from ankle to binding, without compromising on comfort. No pressure points or pinching.
The Natural Cant EVO footbed is canted for a more natural stance on your board and contains the Rebound heel absorber for shock absorption in your binding.
The Eazy-Entry system’s mechanical component in the connector strap keeps the strap in place so you can easily position your foot in the baseplate and tighten it.
Ankle strap: Grandmaster Strap
Toestrap: Dual Function Toe Strap
Footbed: Natural Cant EVO and Rebound Heel Absorber
Drake uses their Classic discs, which fit on a 4×4 insert system and a 3-insert system.
Drake’s MG12 buckles are also on this binding. These fast, efficient buckles are hard-wearing and easily paired with the ratchets so you can easily step in and out of them.
The highback is fitted with an adjuster where you can place the highback at a more aggressive angle.
Disc: Classic Disk
Buckles: MG12 Buckles
Adjustment: Highback Adjuster

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