Sidas 3Feet Activ’ Slim Mid


A supportive insole designed for mid-arched feet that can be used across a wide range of sports.

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The Sidas 3Feet Slim Insoles may be able to help with the suffering from plantar fasciitis, toe pain, metatarsal pain, black toe nails or cramping?

Your feet are unique, complex and sensitive. Your foot has 28 bones, 16 joints, 107 ligaments and 27 muscles. Each foot type has different characteristics and needs different support, comfort and stability.

Whatever your age, sport, or ability, 3D insoles are essential to your well-being. Sidas specific insoles absorb shocks and prevent blisters. They hold and stabilise your feet for optimum comfort to care for your feet and end foot pain. Your foot is the base of your body. Your entire weight rests on just a few square centimeters. Sida’s 3D insoles are specifically designed for low, medium and high arch feet to support and align your feet to help relieve pain and add comfort to your ski boots, snowboard boots and regular footwear .

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