SIDAS Ski Merino LV Performance Socks


The high-performance Ski Merino Performance ski sock is knitted with 200 needles for more precision while alpine skiing. Designed without any cut threads, it provides comfort and precision when skiing. These performance ski socks feature a grip strip under the foot to ensure better skiing sensations and improve contact with the ski boot insoles.

Organic merino wool and recycled polyamide contribute to the EcoTech design of the socks, thanks to the switching from new fibres to recycled fibres. The thinness and firm tension of these ski socks allow them to adapt to your foot in the best possible way for optimal sensations within the ski boot.

These performance ski socks have an outstanding precision. This is dependent on the sock’s knitting, thickness and tension. Knitted using 200 needles, one of the highest definitions available for socks, and entirely designed without any cut threads (In & Out construction), their tension is strong to provide a perfect fit to the feet and legs. Finally, their thickness is minimal to improve contact with the ski boot while remaining comfortable.

The silicone grip strip on the bottom of the foot guarantees contacts with the insoles and ski boots for optimal stability. The foot remains in contact with the insole for better precision and transmission.

The merino wool used in the socks provides warmth and moisture wicking for optimal breathability of your feet.

Unisex model available in multiple sizes.

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EcoTech Construction: Recycled fibres
200 needles definition
Specific zone protection for sensitive parts of the foot
Breathability under the foot

Organic merino wool 38%
Recycled polyamide 43%
Polyamide 10%
Recycled elastane 4%
Elastane 3%
Silicone 2%

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